• A delegation from Knoxville travels to Paris, France to view the exhibit Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color


  • Beck Cultural Center Exchange Meeting  community supports bringing Beauford’s Paris works to Knoxville, TN


  • The Delaney Project is formally organized


  • People everywhere respond positively to the idea of celebrating the art, culture and history of the Delaney brothers



  • The LINKS Inc., Knoxville, TN Chapter and the Knoxville Museum of Art launch an education prototype to teach students and parents at West View Elementary School about the art of Beauford Delaney


  • GATHERING LIGHT an exhibition of Beauford’s works acquired by the KMA opens in May and continues through mid July


  • The Delaney Project is renamed GATHERING LIGHT:The Delaney Project and is expanded to include the works of Joseph Delaney


  • Libretto for Delaney opera and jazz compositions are completed and will be scheduled for performance during the Delaney celebration



  • The Links, Inc. Knoxville TN Chapter sponsors Emerald and Diamond Ball to bring Beauford’s Paris paintings to Knoxville, TN


  • Education program expands to nine schools in Knox County and the curriculum meets statewide art standards


  • The Knoxville Museum of Art presents a Joseph Delaney exhibit


  • Documentary film based on the early years of the Delaney brothers goes into production


  • National advisory board is formed and the first Delaney symposium is held














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