The Delaney Project Goals

I.  Promote and celebrate the art of Beauford and Joseph Delaney, African American artists born in Knoxville, TN

II. Gather people to plan art, culture, and history activities that expand public awareness of the Delaney brothers

III. Establish Knoxville as a center of Excellence for the study of the Delaneys’ art and colleagues of the day

IV. Create new channels of dialogue about the art, culture and history of their work on present and future Knoxville

The Delaney Project Council

Chair: Sylvia Peters

Governance Circle:

David Butler- Executive Director, Knoxville Museum of Art

Alan Rutenberg- University of Tennessee Humanities Department

Patricia Rutenberg- University of Tennessee History Department, Senior Lecturer

Stephen Wicks- Curator, Knoxville Museum of Art


Council Members:

Emily Anderson- Librettist

Steve Cotham- East Tennessee History Center

Beauvais Lyons- University of Tennessee Art Department

Renee Kesler- Beck Cultural Exchange

Avice Reid- City of Knoxville, Dean Rice- County of Knoxville

Twuanna Munroe Ward- Links Inc., Knoxville (TN) Chapter


*Permission to use images granted by Estate of Beauford Delaney, by permission of Derek L. Spratley, Esq., Court Appointed Administrator